These are the UK cities most keen to ditch the gym and save cash

Preston residents are most likely to create home workout spaces and cancel their gym memberships, according to new research by new homes builder Miller Homes.

The study analysed thousands of Google searches by people looking to save on gym membership fees and create their own home workout haven. It found that searches for “home gym” have climbed by 22% in the last three months in the UK.

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The top 10 cities most likely to cancel their gym membership:

1 - Preston

2 - Lincoln

3 - Peterborough

4 - Norwich

5 - Leeds

6 - York

7 - Cambridge

8 - Bath

9 - Glasgow

10 - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

 On the other end of the spectrum, Cardiff residents are less likely to give up their gym membership, with searches for “gyms”, “gyms near me” and “boxing gyms near me” rising by up to 450% in the Welsh capital in the last year.

Southampton comes second in the cities least likely to ditch the gym, reinforced by a study this year which revealed the city has the sixth highest number of gyms per 100,000 people.

 The top 10 cities least likely to cancel their gym membership are: 

1 - Cardiff

2 - Southampton

3 - Luton

4 - Brighton

5 - Portsmouth

6 - Bradford

7 - London

8 - Stoke-on-Trent

9 - Coventry

10 - Plymouth

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Anne Marie Britton, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Miller Homes, commented on the research:

“Working out from home has been welcomed by many since the pandemic, with online fitness classes now more affordable and accessible, and homeowners preferring the convenience of exercising when it suits them.

Having a home gym can enable you to fit in exercise easier around your family, work and social life, as you can squeeze it in without having to worry about the commute to get there. It can also help to save money in the long run."