Hertfordshire County Council election results 2021: Dacorum divisions

Residents took to the polls on Thursday (May 6)

Before the election eight of the 10 county council seats in Dacorum had been held by Conservatives – with two Lib Dems.

But now the Tories have just five of those seats.

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And they include the seats held by county council cabinet members Cllr Terry Douris and Cllr Richard Roberts, as well as Dacorum Borough Council leader Cllr Andrew Williams.

But the Lib Dems took Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead Town from the Tories, as well as holding on to Hemel Hempstead St Pauls and Tring.

Cllr Jan Maddern – already an independent member of Dacorum Borough Council – took the previously Conservative Hemel Hempstead South East seat, with 1405 votes.

Here's a breakdown of the election results for Hertfordshire County Council candidates in Dacorum:


Nigel Taylor, Liberal Democrats, 2949 (ELECTED);

Peter Matthews, Conservative Party, 1695;

Joe Stopps, Green Party, 557;

Cameron Brady-Turner, Labour Party; 487.


Terry Douris, Conservative Party, 2070 (ELECTED);

Lara Pringle, Liberal Democrats, 1733;

Vanessa Mitchell, Labour Party, 322;

Emily Spry, Green Party, 283;

Noel Willcox, Reform UK, 73.

Hemel Hempstead East

Andrew Williams, Conservative Party, 2016 (ELECTED);

Ijlal Malik, Labour Party, 686;

Anna Wellings Purvis, Liberal Democrats, 416;

Paul De Hoest, Green Party, 282.

Hemel Hempstead North East

Colette Wyatt-Lowe, Conservative Party, 1657, (ELECTED);

Saba Poursaeedi, Labour Party, 597;

Neil Kennedy, Liberal Democrats, 280;

Paul Sandford, Green Party, 222.

Hemel Hempstead North West

Fiona Guest, Conservative Party, 1917 (ELECTED);

Gary Adamson. Labour Party, 811;

Diane Wilson, Liberal Democrats, 396;

Sherief Hassan, Green Party, 328.

Hemel Hempstead South East

Jan Maddern, Independent, 1405 (ELECTED);

Sanjay Jamuar, Conservative Party, 1157;

Mandi Tattershall, Labour Party, 887;

David Lillywhite, Green Party, 225;

Joe Toovey, Liberal Democrats, 180.

Hemel Hempstead St Pauls

Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrats, 1230 (ELECTED);

Soma Pemmireddy, Conservative Party, 811;

Luke Jordan, Labour Party, 605;

Bernard Hurley, Green Party, 226.

Hemel Hempstead Town

Adrian England, Liberal Democrats, 1745 (ELECTED);

William Wyatt-Lowe, Conservative Party, 1485;

Tessa Milligan, Labour Party, 632;

Samuel Deering, Green Party, 347.

Kings Langley

Richard Roberts, Conservative Party, 2472 (ELECTED);

Ashley Lawrence, Green Party, 616;

Rob Eilbeck, Labour Party, 523;

Dominic Sokalski, Liberal Democrats, 369.


Sally Symington, Liberal Democrat, 2814 (ELECTED);

Gbola Adeleke, Conservative Party, 1686;

Roger Oliver, Green Party, 614;

Jim Lawler, Labour Party, 504.

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