Plans to install 20m 5G mast in a residential street in Hemel meets with fierce opposition

Dacorum Borough Council is encouraging the public to have their say on the plans

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 12:37 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 12:38 pm

Plans to install a 20m 5G mast in a small residential area in Hemel Hempstead have been met with opposition from residents.

A proposal has been submitted to the Dacorum Borough Council for the installation of a new monopole 20m in height supporting six antennas with a wrap around equipment cabinet at base. Installation of three new equipment cabinets and ancillary development, on land At Green End Road.

Dacorum Borough Council is encouraging residents to have their say on the plans which can be found on the council's planning portal, the planning reference is 21/03074/TEL.

Dacorum Borough Council is encouraging the public to have their say on the plans

Richard George, of Ashtree Way, is one of the residents objecting to the plans.

He said: "Plans for a 20m 5G mast in a residential area are ridiculous. I know there have been 43 objections by residents, we are not happy.

"I know the masts need to go up, but why not keep them in mixed use areas, where there are tall buildings as well as houses.

"The location of where they are proposing to put it, is in the middle of a quiet residential area. It makes no sense.

"It will ruin the views, you can see right up the hill from here. At the moment, we have lovely trees and houses, nothing that tall.

"We want the council to reject the planning application. I know that they have to be built, but there must be somewhere more practical."

There are 43 objections on Dacorum Borough Council's planning portal.

A resident who lives on Gravel Lane posted an objection on the council's planning portal, it said: "We endorse the strong and logical objections raised by many of the other respondents. The proposed siting is inappropriate for the surrounding neighbourhood. Siting on Northridge Way makes more sense/less impact.

"There needs to be much more thought regarding a more suitable location which respects the current enjoyment of uninterrupted views of the countryside looking towards Westbrook Hey.

"Also, a potential location might be feasible somewhere on the perimeter of Northridge Park which could benefit from the natural high tree screenage without undue detriment to surroundings."

A resident who lives on Green End Gardens, has also posted their objection on the planning portal, it said: "I don't think this is an appropriate place to situate this mask.

"It's too close to the residential properties, too close to the road and is on a school route. There are far better locations for the mast, I understand it has to go somewhere."

A resident who lives on Ashtree Way, has also posted their objection on the planning portal, it said: "I believe the erection of this 20 metre mobile phone mast will be a complete eyesore for the local area, at 20 m high it will stand out above other buildings etc and aside from this I am not clear whether these masts cause any health concerns."

A spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council said: "We are currently considering an application for a new 20m 5G telecommunications mast at Land at Green End Road, Hemel Hempstead.

"We have received a large number of responses to this application and we will be carefully considering all the comments made in reaching a decision.

"As this application has not yet been determined, there remains an opportunity for further comments to be received until the end of this week.

"The council must, as in all cases where telecommunications masts are proposed, carefully balance the importance of ensuring a fast and effective mobile coverage, especially in light of more people working from home, against the impact of any scheme on the character and appearance of the area."