Nine delicious things to eat at Easter

It may be known as the season of chocolate, but really there's so much more to Easter than the eggs.

Whether it’s a humble hot cross bun with butter for breakfast or a cheeky taste of chocolate before your dinner, there’s no denying that the spring season is a tasty one!

There are a number of items that only hit the shelves when the Easter bunny comes knocking, and some things that just taste better at this time of year.

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So if you’re planning to indulge as the bank holiday approaches, take a look at our list of the best things to snack on!

1. Cadbury’s Egg and Spoon: Well, these are a bit special. First hitting shelves a couple of years ago, the delicious chocolate shells filled with mousse were something new and exciting - and still continue to cause a buzz when they arrive in shops. Go for vanilla, or double chocolate.

2. Hot cross buns: What says Easter better than a warm, toasty hot cross bun with lots of melted butter. Traditionally spiced and packed with fruit, the buns are the perfect choice for a bank holiday breakfast! And thanks to supermarkets everywhere, there are now a variety of the buns available - including chocolate and toffee, lemon and orange and wholemeal.

3. Cadbury’s Creme Egg: The recipe may have changed, but they’re still an important part of most people’s Easter. Many still count down the days until the little red and purple bundles of joy go on sale (still January 1) and mourn for the rest of the year after they’ve gone out of season. Best fit them in while you can!

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4. Fish and chips: Good Friday chippy tea is peak Easter! Have you decided where you’re going to go for yours yet? Whatever the weather, nothing is better than a fish supper (with ALL of the salt and vinegar) to ring in the Easter weekend.

5. Fruit cake with marzipan topping: Fruit cake is a traditional Christmas treat too, yes, but many also enjoy it as part of the Easter season.

6. Cadbury’s Mini Eggs: These are just so moreish! Personally, I prefer these over a Creme Egg any day. Sit down with your bank holiday telly and go wild with a bag of these bad boys!

7. Roast lamb dinner: A Sunday roast is arguably the best meal of the week, any week. But lamb is the business for your Easter meal. Turkey has Christmas, and lamb has Easter.

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8. Dippy eggs and soldiers: This may not be a traditional Easter meal, but we think it fits the bill for a perfect brekkie! Boil your eggs, toast your bread and get it ready.

9. Pancakes with lemon and sugar: We know that this one is cheating a bit, but Shrove Tuesday signals the start of the Easter season. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy them outside of Pancake Day - why not try them for a bank holiday breakfast the day after your dippy eggs?

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