Hemel singer shares his story to inspire others and raise awareness of mental health

The singer will be working with mental health charities to raise awareness of mental health and the support that is available

By Holly Patel
Monday, 10th January 2022, 2:59 pm

An up and coming singer from Hemel Hempstead is sharing his story to inspire others and raise awareness of mental health.

Chris Downham, also known as T Leo, has always wanted to become a successful music artist, and after reigniting his passion for music just before lockdown he wants to share his story.

The 29-year-old, who has released two singles since his comeback, used to do performances and shows when he was a teenager.

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Chris is sharing his story to inspire others and raise awareness of mental health

He said: "I write my own songs and I have been creating music since I was a kid but as I got older I lost the passion for it.

"But I managed to rekindle my love for music shortly before 2020.

"I was writing a song called 'Take Time' in the stages of building my love back for music and my step dad always used to sing the chorus back, as if it were stuck in his head all day!

"Him and my mum would get annoyed because I kept going over it, but after a week they were hooked and really liked it.

"Just before the first lockdown started in 2020 I lost my step dad and two friends all to suicide.

"It was a terrible time for me and my family and I found it hard to overcome.

"I then dedicated my song “Take Time” to my step dad who has passed as I knew he had a lot of faith in me and my music.

"The song wasn't about mental health, but he's link to the song was special.

"I was looking after mum and everyone was stuck indoors, but I do think I needed that time to be there for her and work on my music, but it was a really difficult time.

"A month or so went by and I noticed myself using music to its full potential again to help me keep my mind occupied.

"This ended up giving me a sporadic feeling of “I can do this”.

"I then went on to doing a full music video and hitting 56,000 streams on Spotify and overall plays with other digital platforms, the song was played over 100,000 times.

"My music is a real mix, it started as rapping but I can also sing, play the drums and the guitar.

"My last release was me singing and a bit of urban/indie vibes. It had a bit of rap but it was more singing.

"Since my comeback single release 'Take Time' I have been focusing on finding my sound and have released another track, 'Come Ride With Me' and a couple of non profitable promotional music videos."

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Chris will be working with mental health charities in Hemel Hempstead and Hertfordshire to raise awareness of mental health and the support that is available.

He said: "This year, I will be writing a song just for mental health and will be working alongside some local and non local mental health charities to help let people know they're not alone!

"I think it's important to talk to people, and if you're struggling with your mental health it's beneficial to talk to someone who has experienced it as well, that's why these charities are so great, they can offer real support.

"I am working with Younique Minds, a mental health charity in Hemel, and some other ones in Hertfordshire.

"It's important to raise awareness and let people know about the support that is out there.

"Before 2020 people knew about mental health but now it is something that everyone has either struggled with, or knows someone that has struggled."