Hemel Hempstead band eager to get back to the recording studio

The Shantlys are looking forward to bringing out more music

Friday, 16th October 2020, 12:24 pm
Updated Friday, 16th October 2020, 12:28 pm

A rock 'n' roll band from Hemel Hempstead are eager to get back in the studio to record more music.

The Shantlys want to share new music with their fans and are looking forward to performing together, although the band have managed to release two videos during the pandemic.

One was filmed in lockdown - all the members filmed themselves and then the video was put together - and their latest single 'So Long' was filmed in Hemel Hempstead in July.

The Shantlys are looking forward to bringing out more music

The band is made up of five men who have been friends since school - Adam as lead singer, Andy 'Scally' on guitar, Sam on Bass, Mark on Drums and Paul on guitar.

Paul said: "We met at school, we went to JFK School in Hemel, about 20 years ago.

"We started playing in the school assembly and we have stuck together since then, we are more like brothers now.

"We have performed all over the south east, a lot in the North of London, everywhere in Camden and even up north in Manchester.

The Shantlys

"We have 4 videos, including the one we made in lockdown, which we all shot by ourselves and then two lads, who also went to JFK, put it all together, they done a great job with it

we have had about 10/11 singles out.

"We decided to put music out ourselves and just generate interest that way.

"Adam and I have been writing since we were 15."

Just before lockdown Paul moved up north, but he travelled back to the town to record the video for 'So Long' in July.

He said:"Lockdown was tough, we haven't performed together since March, we are definitely all eager to get back out there.

"The video for 'So Long' was great and it was good to film in Hemel, we were really happy with it and the response has been great, it has probably been the most popular video we have produced.

"We want to get back in the studio, hopefully by March and we want to produce more music, and an album.

"We really want to introduce people to our latest stuff. Our music is good, old fashioned British rock 'n' roll, the melody is important and a good beat is key."

For more about the band visit The Shantlys Facebook or Instagram page.