Hemel Hempstead workers treated World Cup haka

It was a typical work day at Hemel’s Breakspear Park on Thursday - the sun was shining, staff were going to work, and a traditional Māori haka.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 3:28 pm
Updated Friday, 20th September 2019, 4:28 pm

Surprised employees were treated to a ceremonial war dance, executed in its entirety to mark the beginning of the Rugby World Cup.

The performance included the notorious bulging eyes, aggressive looks, and the poking out of tongues.

Two further hakas were completed during the day, including one session where the workforce were able to learn the historic choreographed moves, and carry out the dance alongside the Ngati Toa Rangatira tribe.

Dina Mistry, marketing manager of Breakspear Park, said: “To mark the beginning of this significant tournament, and to celebrate all the diverse nations represented here, we decided to excite the staff with something that was synonymous with rugby.

“Being able to bring a smile to the faces of our staff is part of our campaign called ‘Park Life’ which is designed to offer employees a better work life balance.”

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