McDonald's is offering 30% off everything today - here's how to claim your discount

The discount applies to all menu items (Photo: Shutterstock)The discount applies to all menu items (Photo: Shutterstock)
The discount applies to all menu items (Photo: Shutterstock)

Anyone looking for some motivation to get them through Monday can take advantage of a 30 per cent off discount at McDonald's today (8 Mar).

Hot on the heels of the 99p Triple Cheeseburger offering last week, McDonald's is now touting a discount of 30 per cent off all menu items. The deal is part of the fast food chain's 'McDonald's Monday' offer, allowing anyone who uses the app, My McDonald's, to claim discounts.

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The deal will be part of a weekly offering through the app which will allow customers to claim various discounts on Mondays as a start of the week treat.

Everything on the menu, including breakfast items, are eligible for the 30 per cent discount, which you'll be able to apply until your local restaurant closes for the day on 8 March.

How to claim your discount

To claim the discount, you'll have to download the app and head to the 'deals' section.

Under previous coronavirus restrictions, customers had to use Drive-Thrus, order for delivery or use Click & Serve collection.

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However in England, as of 8 March, you are able to get walk-in takeaways from your local restaurant.

The app allows you to order and pay for your food ahead of going to the restaurant, with staff preparing your food as soon as you get close. When you arrive, you should let staff know you're there and you'll be directed to go inside to pick up your food when it's ready.

The app also allows you to collect reward points which can be used to get special offers.

If you buy five hot drinks at McDonald's restaurants, you'll also be awarded your sixth for free.

If you miss out on this week's 30 per cent off deal, no need to worry - McDonald's will be running special offers on a weekly basis each Monday, so keep an eye out when the new week rolls around.

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