Here are the names that parents regret giving their kids

Potential parents beware! A third of Brits don’t give enough thought to naming their baby.

And a whopping three-quarters admit that they have come up with a better choice after making their baby’s name official.

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A survey of 5,842 parents has discovered that Aurora and Hunter top the list of names that parents most regret.

More than a third (35%) wished they had steered clear of the name Aurora.

And naming your daughter after popular pop songs is not recommended. Taking inspiration from Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys, Lyla and Arabella are among the top three names parents regret at 32% and 28% respectively.

Almost a third of parents regretted calling their son Hunter.

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Surprisingly, nearly a quarter (24%) say they regret calling their son Oliver because of the name’s popularity. There were 5,390 boys given that name in 2018.

Rejected names

Leaders of two nations made parents certain of two names they would never call their sons.

At 76% Boris tops the list for boys’ names, presumably thanks to our Prime Minister and his gaffes galore in the media, while Donald (62%) is in second place for similar reasons. In third place was Manson (43%).

A massive 83% of parents said that they wouldn’t call their daughter Karen, presumably so they don’t have a daughter who is always asking for the manager. In second place was Isis (72%).

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Royal drama has had an effect on the name Meghan, with 61% refusing to name their daughter that.

The reasons that parents regret their children’s names are ...

I don’t think it suits them (64%)

My partner picked it (48%)

My friend picked the same name for their child (37%)

They get teased for it at school (32%)

A celebrity named their child it (26%)

The data was commissioned by website.

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