Council removes piles of dumped rubbish in Hemel Hempstead after complaints from frustrated residents

The council has now removed the rubbish left in the communal bin area

Friday, 3rd September 2021, 5:01 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd September 2021, 5:02 pm

Frustrated residents in Hemel Hempstead have been calling on Dacorum Borough Council to remove the 'growing mountain of fly tipped rubbish'.

One man, who used to see the pile of rubbish when he walked past with his dog, said residents have tried to get the council to remove the rubbish that has been dumped between the two small blocks of flats on London Road, Apsley, but he claims the council have not yet removed it.

But, after weeks of complaining the council has now cleared the rubbish that was left in the communal bin area after an approach by the Hemel Gazette.

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Frustrated residents complained about the piles of rubbish left in the communal bin area

The man, who does not wish to be named, said: "As we all know the council often comments on waste, fly tipping, yet when it comes to putting removal into action, they choose to leave a growing mountain of fly-tipped rubbish, contradicting themselves.

"Also, this is a serious health and safety risk as well as an environmental health risk which the council knows yet still chooses to ignore.

"This particular pile the residents have been trying to get removed for several weeks and have made several complaints to the council - no luck to date.

"Emails, official complaints, photo evidence of some of the culprits that live there all sent to the council - zero proactively from the council.

The rubbish was dumped between the two small blocks of flats on London Road

"It is a dangerous hazard trying to put one's waste in the bins, the council knows this yet choose to do nothing.

"I notice the rubbish each time I walk my dog, it's terrible, this has been going on for such a long time, the council just won't listen and seem to want to cause distress by lack of action."

A spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council said: “We can confirm the rubbish left by the bins in the communal bin area at London Road has been cleared.

"It is the responsibility of all council tenants to dispose of their rubbish appropriately and not leave illegal fly-tipping in communal bin areas.

"Boxes and cardboard should be flattened and placed inside recycling bins and larger items which don’t fit into communal bins should be taken to the nearest recycling centre.

"Our Tenancy Management Officers are working with our Cleaning Team to monitor the situation and appropriate action will be taken if a tenant or leaseholder is identified as fly-tipping.”