Berkhamsted woman believes she might have spotted a UFO on Saturday night

'Strange' lights spotted in the skies above Berkhamsted and St Albans

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 8:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 8:56 am

A reader has contacted The Gazette after spotting lights in the sky in Berkhamsted, which she thinks might have been a UFO, at the weekend.

Sara Curran and her son, from Berkhamsted, shared a video and picture of what they think was a UFO in the sky on Saturday night (February 27).

After reading a similar article on Hemel Today about an unidentified object in the sky in Berkhamsted on Christmas Day, Sara wants to find out if anyone else saw it, or if anyone knows what it was.

Sara sent in a photo of what she saw on Saturday night

She said: "I have just been reading your article about a UFO that was seen on Christmas Day on the Hemel Today website.

"My son and I took a short video of one we saw on Saturday night at our home in Berkhamsted. We definitely think it was a UFO.

"We aren’t sure what it is exactly but we thought you might be interested to see it.

"My son Evan saw it first he described it as an orange ball of light that came towards him and then darted upwards. It came towards him as he looked out of our flat balcony doors.

"He shouted for me to come and see it after it suddenly went high up into the sky.

"It went high up into the sky and moved around a while, hence the video and then remained static. It was doing that when I saw it.

"When it was high in the sky and I looked at it through binoculars, it was a yellowish colour to me. It looked like three small lights together. One broke off to a short distance and then rejoined so it looked like a ball of light again, a bit like the pic from the December 25.

"There was no sound coming from the object and the time was around 11.30 or maybe just a bit later. It stayed there for a while."

On Friday, February 26, Patricia Slade saw 'moving, swirling multi-coloured light in the sky' in the St Albans area, between 10.30pm and 11.16pm.

Patricia said: "Very strange, white, blue, red flashing lights. Moving round and sometimes dropping lower."