New cameras to be installed in Dacorum to tackle speeding drivers

Successful bids will see money from The Road Safety Fund invested in the borough

Three new schemes are set to be installed in Dacorum to tackle speeding, thanks to grants from The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

The cash will see two new cameras and a speed indicator introduced, which will catch speeders in the act and warn motorists if they are going too fast.

Funding from The Road Safety Fund was given to The Safer Gravel Path Action Group in Dacorum to pay for a ViaCam Speed Camera to be installed on Gravel Path in Berkhamsted

Funding from The Road Safety Fund was given to reduce speeding in Dacorum.

Another camera is set to be installed on Nettleden Road North after a successful bid by Little Gaddesden Parish Council.

These cameras will collect data on speeding and will issue letters to speeders – and repeat offenders can expect a visit from a police officer.

Nettleden and Potten End Parish Council has successfully applied for a speed indicator device (SID) to be sited in Potten End to reduce speeding in the area.

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The device will warn drivers if they are exceeding the limit and show how fast they are going.

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “One of the biggest concerns I hear about regularly from the public is around road safety.

“This fund is here for that purpose and the range of bids shows the different ways there are of tackling this complex issue."

Mr Lloyd added: “When motorists ask where their money goes when they pay costs in court for traffic offences, or for a speed awareness course, this is how it is being spent. It is paying to make the roads safer for all, and those that are at higher risk of being killed or injured.”

In total, £67,350 from the Road Safety Fund was awarded to projects across the county.

The fund is financed using the surplus generated from motorists who have committed driving offences and been ordered to pay costs, or from those who have attended speed awareness courses.

Since it was created in 2016 over £1.6m of Road Safety Funding has been awarded to over 80 projects in the county.