Steiner School exclusive: Threats to whistle-blowers and complainants?

Rudolf Steiner School Kings LangleyRudolf Steiner School Kings Langley
Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley
Following the suspension of one teacher at RSSKL, parents who were believed to have complained were sent anonymous threats.

The report says that this came when “the reason for (the) suspension... (was) divulged by a staff member.”

It adds: “An anonymous threatening letter suggested that they and their children were targets.

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“Although this was not orchestrated by the school, with the likely suspects being children, responsibility for the leak lies with them.”

One family who complained were sent a letter by the school’s solicitors which they regarded as a “gagging letter”.

It told them: “You agree not to make further allegations against this member of staff but in circumstances that allegations are made or continued then the School will give notice for the immediate removal of your child.”

The report also brands the overall attitude towards safeguarding as “unprofessional”.

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It cites one complaint by a parent about a teacher, and a member of staff telling them they had to take it up with the teacher themselves.

An email is quoted which says: “I’ve had two phone conversations with the mother, and she refuses to speak directly to (the teacher) and wants other people to do her dirty work for her!

“I’ve informed (the designated safeguarding lead) and she was going to speak to (the teacher) which I think she has done.”

The investigators later found a note confirming that the teacher had been spoken to, and was recorded as saying “It will probably go away.”

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Two teachers who raised safeguarding concerns said they had been subject to bullying.

In the report one of them said: “I would be happy to meet and detail the abuse, bullying and harassment I and my family have had to endure since our names were released into the community as a result of making a child protection report.”

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