EXCLUSIVE: The untold story of the sex abuse allegations at a £9,857-a-year private school in Hertfordshire

Rudolf Steiner School Kings LangleyRudolf Steiner School Kings Langley
Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley
A controversial private school was subject to allegations of sexual abuse going back more than a decade - and the scale of the problem may have been even greater.

Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley (RSSKL), which charged up to £9,857 per year, was forced to close last year, following a series of problems with safeguarding students, leadership, finances, and insurance.

But with a new school expected to open later this year, understood to be run along the same lines and on the same grounds, the Gazette can exclusively reveal that a report has found:

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Numerous accusations of sexual misconduct by staff against students were reported over the last 15 years;

Historic accusations and records about staff have disappeared;

Parents who raised complaints were subject to anonymous threats;

Staff who acted as whistle-blowers felt forced out of the school.

This is the full story.

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