Kings Langley author explores the experience of living with a mischievous young puppy in new children’s book

Little Sprout by Nick Marshall is available from July 29

By Holly Patel
Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 11:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 11:28 am

An author from Kings Langley has published a book that explores the experience of living with a new puppy.

Nick Marshall was inspired by his own experience to write his latest book, ‘Little Sprout’.

Little Sprout is a friendly but mischievous puppy who arrives at his new home to the excitement of everyone except Mum, who prefers cats.

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(Main picture) Nick (inset) Nick's new book 'Little Sprout'

As he wreaks his puppy-filled havoc around the house the rest of the family start to wonder whether Mum was right all along.

The 55-year-old, who has two sons, aged 14 and 11, said: "This is my second book, the first is called ‘Tidley Squeak’ (about the adventures of a mouse) with a third book, called ‘The Kid' (about a billy goat kid who inadvertently saves Christmas), due to be illustrated soon.

"I have written various things in the past but ‘Little Sprout’ relates to personal experience, which other families might relate to as well - bringing a bouncy puppy into the house, which not everyone is enthusiastic about at first but, eventually, the puppy calms down, it’s kindness and sweetness shines through, and everyone falls in love with it, even the sceptics.

"The story is from my own experience - my wife, Nichola, was initially the sceptic but now she and the dog are the best of friends.

"The story is told through the eyes of my younger son."

Little Sprout has been published by Pegasus Publishers and is out on Thursday, July 29.