20 stunning images show animals at Whipsnade Zoo after dark

They were taken at the overnight Lookout Lodge experience

These stunning images show what the animals at Whipsnade Zoo get up to when the sun goes down and the visitors – or most of them anyway – go home.

ZSL’s photographer used a special night vision camera to capture the animals during the zoo’s overnight Lookout Lodge experience, which gives guests the chance to sleep over at the zoo.

Hannah Cole, the zoo’s Lookout Lodge host said; “Whipsnade Zoo is a magical place at night and these images give a glimpse of the unique perspective our guests get while staying overnight at the zoo.

“The African lions, for example, are crepuscular, meaning they’re particularly active as the sun sets, and these extraordinary images reveal the zoo’s pride using their own night vision to prowl across their vast paddock in the dark, roaring to signal that Whipsnade is their territory - something that never fails to leave our Lookout Lodge guests in awe.”

Let’s take a peek at what these lucky overnight visitors got to see.