Award winning Elvis tribute artist at Watford Colosseum and Wycombe Swan

Ben PortsmouthBen Portsmouth
Ben Portsmouth
In this job I am frequently sent over exuberant press releases extolling the virtues and talents of various musicians.

So when yet another landed in my inbox telling me about an award winning Elvis impersonator called Ben Portsmouth I didn’t rush to read it, writes Heather Jan Brunt.

That is, until my eye caught the image attached to the press release (see right). The guy resembled Presley to such a degree I was convinced the press officer had actually attached an image of the real Elvis by mistake.

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Then I noted a link to a live performance given by Ben at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis in 2012. Surely a guy who looked this much like the king of rock and roll couldn’t also actually sound like him and pull off a realistic live performance?

Wrong. The link was so impressive, I’m off to see Ben at the Watford Colosseum when he performs there at 8pm on Friday (September 2). If you’re lucky there might be a few tickets left, so get onto the box office right now, 01923 571102 if you are an Elvis fan.

There was only one Elvis, but tribute artists are now the only way to experience a live stage concert, and Ben is seriously close in terms of his looks, voice and on stage charisma. His father was an avid Elvis fan and Ben grew up on a diet of Presley songs. His triple octave vocal range and perfect pitch allows him to hit the most challenging high notes, and his guitar virtuosity enables him to authentically recreate Elvis’s 1968 comeback concert. In 2006 he was voted best Elvis at a prestigious international festival in Wales where he was the youngest competitor, didn’t need a wig and was wearing the most authentic outfits flown in from America. If you miss out on his date at Watford, take a trip to High Wycombe to see him at The Swan on Saturday September 24. Box office 01494 512000.

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