CREAGH/CARR REVIEW: Festive Menu at Luton Hoo

Luton HooLuton Hoo
Luton Hoo
If you enjoy one luxurious evening of festive delights this Christmas, you can do no better than the gilded charms of the Wernher Restaurant at Luton Hoo.

At £49.95 the hotel’s festive menu is both affordable and, according to one half of Creagh/Carr duo Stewart Carr, irresistably delicious.

CARR SAYS .... Being without my fellow reviewer Creagh, I tried at once to measure the sumptuous surroundings in my own, slightly less-experienced way.

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And The Wernher restaurant - so called after one of Luton Hoo’s most illustrious owners - still retains the charm of a faded yesteryear. Sitting among its marble grandeur and hanging tapestries, it’s an imaginary trip back to the days of the manor house, all of this while attended by waiters oozing fine etiquette.

But before I get lost in scenery, let’s turn again to the menu. After enjoying our exquisite canapes, my new companion tucked into a scrumptious mushroom velouté (otherwise known as ‘soup’), while I enjoyed a slender strip of mackarel accompanied with chopped mango and beetroot. Although rather slight, it was the perfect starter with a cluster of jostling flavours.

After an interlude of mulled-wine sorbet, which I found a little too tart (although my companion thought it was delicious) our main courses were impressively served under silver cloches.

Unusually, I opted for the traditional roast turkey and the spareness of my starter was more than compensated by the robustness of this meal. Two slabs of thick turkey sat upon a mountain of mashed potato, with every vegetable from a Christmas dinner concealed beneath. It was traditional, hearty and utterly satisfying.

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My partner enjoyed a main course of pheasant and wild game. While smaller than my own meal, it was an interesting presentation and delighted my companion.


I confess to not being a fan of Christmas pudding or cheese and biscuits, and was delighted to be served the chocolate pave for dessert. Consisting of a very rich chocolate mousse over a salty biscuit base, it was another heavenly comfort food and a very filling end to the evening!

Our wine (not included within the menu) was a French beaujolais, Chateau Gaillard (Morgon) - a delicious red bursting with fruitful flavours.

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