Console Corner: Monster Hunter World review

Monster Hunter: World is the biggest and boldest yetMonster Hunter: World is the biggest and boldest yet
Monster Hunter: World is the biggest and boldest yet
As big and bold as it's Monsters.

What’s that coming over the hill?

Well yes it is a Monster, a whole World of them.

Ever since Monster Hunter: World was first announced last year, it was clear that Capcom yearned for something more than Monster Hunter Generations.

Well it is fair to start this review by saying they have achieved that and then some.

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From the huge depth to the brilliant narrative and now fluid combat systems which used to put newbiesoff the MH series altogether such was its difficulty to get to grips with in the past.

Here we are presented with a refined Monster Hunter which takes the franchise to new levels while opening it up to a new generation of gamers previously unable or unwilling to master it’s intricacies.

The narrative within the single player campaign is the crowning glory and help is at hand for novices with excellent tutorials along the way.

Multiplayer integration covers all bases and while the game is accessible to those who perhaps would have struggled with previous iterations, the AI does set the bar higher than ever before.

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That does occasionally lead to some frustration with difficulty spikes while AI pathing glitches during my time playing also made for rage-inducing gaming every now and then.

Whether you think this is the best MH or not, there is no getting away from the fact it is easily the most ambitious and evolved to date. This feels truly huge but does not stray too far out of bounds so as to betray the essence of what MH games are all about.

And that is exhilirating combat, genuinely frightening monsters and the all-important upgrade system.

It is not a title for the fleeting gamer as commitment is the number one requirement for any sort of progress.

But put the time in and you will not fail to be rewarded by what is the biggest and boldest MH yet - and surely an early front runner for RPG game of the year.

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