Console Corner: Micro Machines World Series review

Micro Machines World Series is out nowMicro Machines World Series is out now
Micro Machines World Series is out now
Good things come in small packages.

They say good things come in small packages... well actually I’ve only ever known small men to actually say that... but does it ring true for the return of the classic Micro Machines?

I defy anyone who played the original Micro Machines not to feel drawn to this new release over 25 years on from the original.

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And for me the excitement was matched with curiosity. I had so many questions going into this revival.

Would it be a resurrection of racing royalty or a regretable retro relaunch (that’s my obligatory alliteration done for this week).

Well the truth is - rather disappointingly - somewhere inbetween.

Initially it was a real thrill assuming that table top racing position and re-familiarising myself with the quirks and controls which made Micro Machines oh so good back in the day.

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The - at times - maddening difficulty has been balanced nicely as ever with reward for great driving and after a disastrous first two races I won the third at a canter.

There is a big focus on multiplayer and levelling up in World Series as that was when the original was at its best.

But I was desperately disappointed to see there was no solo championship mode. In fact I was so desperate I went into every part of the menu hoping it was hidden away in some obscure place.... it isn’t.

The series has somewhat sold its soul with Nerf and Hasbro licensing taking over the Micro Machines world here. That has drawn heavy criticism from other reviewers but if didn’t bother me too much to be honest.

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MMWS kept me locked in for a good few hours in the first couple of days... but as I grew tired of multiplayer I found myself yearning for that solo mode, even if just to be able to choose and learn the tracks.

A solid enough return but tinged with the bitter taste of disappointment as that nostalgic tear rolls into your mouth...

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