Console Corner: Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure Switch review

The Donkey Kong Adventure expansion could pass for a sequelThe Donkey Kong Adventure expansion could pass for a sequel
The Donkey Kong Adventure expansion could pass for a sequel
Gorilla-sized expansion to mash-up madness that could pass as a sequel.

Mash-up crossovers are all the rage and another has been added to the collection with the Donkey Kong Adventure expansion of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch.

Donkey Kong Adventure lets you play as everyone’s favourite gorilla, but the crazy new storyline is about so much more.

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Rabbid Peach is separated from her friends and must team up with Donkey Kong and the stubborn Rabbid Cranky.

The DLC introduces new gameplay mechanics, new enemies, new environments, and an epic fight against the vengeful Rabbid Kong, who has used his powers to take control of a mysterious island.

This is a proper bona fide expansion and along the way you will meet some classic Donkey Kong enemies, mixed in with the Rabbids while Kong sports some of his iconic attacks, like bongo-ing enemies and swinging from vines.

The new expansion features over 10 hours’ worth of new gameplay and is so big it could almost stand alone as a sequel to the original game rather than simply an expansion.

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There is so much fun to be had and Donkey Kong is a genuine game-changing character.

The Nintendo poster gorilla does not feel like he has been shoe-horned in to front some cheap and easy new content.

He boasts abilities that are fun to get your head around and try out, and Cranky Kong’s is a great addition to the line-up too.

The sheer size of the expansion and how seamlessly DK fits into the Mario + Rabbids world is the crowning achievement by Ubisoft.

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But there are some negatives, mainly the fact that you have to make do with one set team line-up, which therefore limits your ability to vary your strategy and tactics and also takes away from what would have been even greater longevity.

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