Console Corner: Horizon Zero Dawn review

New Dawn for the action RPG.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 18th March 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:38 am
A new Dawn for the action RPG genre
A new Dawn for the action RPG genre

PlayStation 4 exclusive heralds a new Dawn for the action RPG genre.

It’s hard to compare Horizon Zero Dawn to other games as it has so many elements from other titles rolled into this beast of a game, but the good news is that HZD’s sum is greater than its parts.

This graphically stunning action role playing game sees you take control of a young Aloy and the opening play of the game takes you back to her childhood.

This doesn’t last overly long as you soon turn into the young women that will see you through the game.

The controls early on are very instinctive and allow you to get into the game quickly.

After the first couple of hours your quest list really starts to fill out and you are able to pick and choose exactly which ones to focus on, whether it is the main storyline, a side quest or even a hunter trial.

Your main enemies are the huge robotic animals that litter the landscape.

These look truly amazing and you will find it hard to pass them by without taking them on as collecting the loot you gain is generally very rewarding.

Along with lots of collectible materials, the landscapes supply you with the items you need to craft and trade.

With upgradeable weapons and armour to collect and craft and modifications to add different amount and types of damage you will find yourself wanting to collect everything you find.

This all makes it worth while when you are stealthily tracking a pack and laying traps to halt them from attacking you or making their escape.

You do not have to sit on HZD for hours on end to reap any rewards and a quick 20 minute session before heading off to work or school can be action packed.

With so many elements from so many games Horizon is well placed for a future full of DLC which I’m already looking forward to.