Comedian Chris gets out of the house and heads to Northampton, Kettering and Aylesbury

Chris RamseyChris Ramsey
Chris Ramsey
A chat with comedian Chris Ramsey covers several topics even within a 15 minute chat.

The Geordie comic covers subjects such as babies, steaks and Katie Hopkins as he talks ahead of his extended tour which takes in several dates across the south Midlands area.

He opens the tour at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester on Saturday September 8. Following on from this, Chris can be seen at The Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering on Monday September 17, Aylesbury's Waterside Theatre on Thursday September 27 and Northampton's Royal & Derngate on Tuesday October 9

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Chris said: “I called the tour that because my wife noticed I was going a bit crazy being in the house. She noticed that I was itching to go out on the road.

“It’s the thing I love to do ahead of all the other mediums. Although if I was having a poor gig in Hull and nothing was landing, I’d be more than happy to have a steak on Saturday Kitchen.”

But the subject material for the tour had a rather morbid beginning.

“I went off to write a will, and it strikes you that you could be gone tomorrow so I wanted to write a lot of advice for my son. Things I would do differently,” said Chris.

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Family is obviously important to Chris, bought into sharper focus with his wife recently suffering a miscarriage after she was carrying their second child.

Chris said: “It is obviously a horrible thing that has happened but the love, support from people on the street, on social media, from strangers has been very heart-warming.

“It is one of those things we will address because it is something that doesn’t get discussed. Whether that will be in a documentary or in the stand up show, it’s early days yet.”

And you suspect that comedy acts as a way of Chris being able to talk about some difficult issues.

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He said: “My dad was unfortunately diagnosed with a tumour in the bowel and we dealt with that on the last tour. There was a good 20 minute section on it.

“I’m already writing material for the new tour which is based on what is happening so the tragedy will be dealt with.”

He also said that he will be taking more personal stuff into the tour.

Chris said: “I will also be talking about my son as he is a toddler. I think to be honest, all toddlers are pretty horrible, genuinely horrible but he is my horrible monster and I love him to bits.”

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However he is looking forward to starting the new leg of the extended tour and returning to some of the venues.

Chris said: “A lot of the venues I played at when I supported Al Murray on his tour. I remember doing the gig at Leicester which is a great night so looking forward to going back there.”

He is also well known for being one of the few people to manage to shut controversial columnist Katie Hopkins up when they both appeared on Celebrity Juice.

Chris said: “I’ve done that show a few times and there are some guests who are a little ropey. She said nothing during the recording and that was the first thing she said.

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“What she said about fat people, I wasn’t going to put up wit it.

“I still get people high fiving me now, like I’m George and I’ve slayed the dragon.”

Due to the adult nature of the material, the show is recommended for people aged 14 and over.

More dates for his UK tour as well as tickets for the show can be found by visiting