9 best running shoes for men UK 2023

9 best running shoes for men 2022: men’s trainers from On Cloud, Hoka9 best running shoes for men 2022: men’s trainers from On Cloud, Hoka
9 best running shoes for men 2022: men’s trainers from On Cloud, Hoka | 8 best running shoes for men 2022: men’s trainers from On Cloud, Hoka

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A new pair of trainers will help prevent injury, increase your speed, help your running stride to be more comfortable - On Cloud, Hoka, Salomon and Saucony

We’ve all done it: worn in our running shoes past their best, figuring they can last another season. But a new pair of trainers will help prevent injury, increase your speed, help your running stride to be more comfortable - not to mention look (and smell) better.

Here are the best running shoes on the market for men

What kind of running shoes do I need to buy?

This depends on the kind of running you will be doing, but look for weight and cushioning if you’re running in urban environments a lot. 

Keep an eye out for different types of grip and ‘lugs’ (the little ‘spikes’ on the sole) if you’re into the idea of trail running shoes and want to take your running on to less secure and more slippery ground. 

Why buy a new pair of running shoes?

Many people are running with shoes that are ill-fitting or do not offer the right amount of support for their style of running or the amount of running they’re doing. A new pair, with enhanced technology and development, can improve comfort, running style and overall running performance, as well as limit the potential for injury after continued use. 

How much do I have to spend?

The good news is there are a large number of shoes out there that offer excellent performance for a modest price – many of the options we tested were around the £100 mark, which seems to be a bit of a benchmark for a high-performing shoe, but you can go lower. 

We suggest looking between the £80 - £140 price mark for a shoe that has been designed with good materials, a considered approach to running style and with hard-wearing credentials that mean you’ll not be afraid of using them on a day-to-day basis.  

On Cloudswift

Key specs – Trail or road? Road; Weight: 290g; Size range: 6.5-13.5; Colour options: 6

This is a good offering if you’re a regular road runner and you run, as many of us do, almost entirely in urban environments. 

We found the cushioning to be decent and recent updates to the shoe have improved its feel and levels of comfort when wearing for longer periods of time. 

We like its design, with new colours adding to the appeal of the range. We’d recommend this one for going out ‘little and often’, and it’s included in this roundup as a good lockdown option for your daily exercise.

New Balance 1080v11

Key specs – Trail or road? Road; Weight: 262.2g; Size range: 6.5-14.5; Colour options: 7

These offerings from New Balance have been revised recently, with some impressive updates that take the shoe to a new level, and justify its highly-regarded position in the industry. 

We found it to be one of the best everyday runners money can buy, with a soft, spongy response and an impressively secure fit. 

Their FreshFoam midsole is amongst the best on the market and these revised versions offer greater flex. Highly recommended.

Hoka One One Mach 4

Key specs – Trail or road? road; Weight: 232g; Size range: 6.5-13.5; Colour options: 6

A stand out shoe, the Mach 4 are part of Hoka’s performance shoe range, with a focus on speed and weight, or lack thereof. 

We were surprised by the amount of comfort and cushioning provided from such a light shoe, but we also struggled to fit in a shoe in our normal size, so it would be perhaps best to go half a size up – they do however offer a large range of sizes. 

A speed-inspired design that looks striking and won’t disappoint.

Merrell Rubato

Key specs – Trail or road? Trail; Weight: 590g; Size range: 6.5-14; Colour options: 2

We found these Rubato trail running shoes from Merrell to be an excellent choice when tackling tougher terrain, with a surprisingly comfortable, bouncy feel to them and some heavy cushioning which made rougher ground far easier going. 

We’d recommend these for trails and uneven ground, they are probably too heavily cushioned for road running, but sit nicely between the two without some of the hindrances out-and-out trail running shoes suffer from. 

We were impressed by the 4mm lugs on the Vibram outsole and their ability to be somewhat weather-resistant and splash-proof, too.

Saucony Ride 15

Key specs – Trail or road? Road; Weight: 255g; Size range: 6-14; Colour options: 3

We’ve been impressed by this offering from Saucony, who offer shoes that sit comfortably in the mid-range and provide excellent day-to-day running and reliability from a trainer that looks the part as well as provides dependability whether you’re a high-mileage fan or a ‘run round the park’ kind of person. 

We’d have no hesitation in recommending these for those people who are just getting started out when it comes to taking their running more seriously.

Salomon Sense Ride 4

Key specs – Trail or road? Trail; Weight: 280g; Size range: 6.5-13.5; Colour options: 5

Another trail offering, these are a highly-regarded shoe we found comfortable and confidence-inspiring when on the trail. 

They feature Contagrip, suitable for a wide range of loose or slippery surfaces, and generous lugs for added traction when the going gets tough. 

They’ve been around for a while and have been well-tweaked over the years, so you’re in safe hands here. 

Slightly on the firm side when it comes to cushioning, but we found that only added to the feeling of safety and security on tougher off-road environments.

Giesswein Wool Cross X

Key specs – Trail or road? Trail; Weight: 550g; Size range: 6-14; Colour options: 7

This is the world’s first high-performance sports shoe with a 100% Merino lining, designed to naturally regulate your temperature when active.

 It’s designed to be worn without socks, which makes for a different running experience, but we found it surprisingly liberating, and would imagine it would be good for beach runs.

 Naturally wicking, it also regulates odour and features a micro-grip sole when you’re tackling uneven or loose ground. 

We saw no reason why this couldn’t be used as a comfortable running shoe – you can even wash them in the washing machine after use.

361 Fierce

Key specs – Trail or road? Road; Weight: 279g; Size range: 6.5-14; Colour options: 2

The 361 Fierce has been developed from the ground up, built with a stable, light base and an emphasis on a smoother, lighter running experience.

 We really liked the knitted upper construction but also felt there was enough support in the base and the midsole for confidence-inducing runs. 

The pressure-free tongue also helped with comfort, and a lighter, less snug feeling.

On Cloudventure

Key specs – Weight: 240g; Waterproof? No; Colour options: 5; Sizes: 3-9.

These trainers may have been designed with trail runners in mind, but we like the Cloudventure just as much for hiking – this is a great investment if you want one trusty shoe that can tackle both disciplines.

At just 240g, On’s design is are the lightest shoe in our round-up, and feels so freeing and comfortable you’ll barely know you’re wearing it – until you hit tough terrain, when the Cloudventure offers impressive grip even on slick wet rocks.

For moving fast over long distances on dry terrain, you can’t go wrong with the Cloudventure, and a waterproof version is also available for £150 if you’re heading outdoors in more challenging weather.