White chocolate Munchies are now available for a limited time - here's where you can buy them

The new flavour is only available for a limited timeThe new flavour is only available for a limited time
The new flavour is only available for a limited time

Fans of popular chocolate treat Munchies are in luck, as the snacks are soon to be available in white chocolate, for a limited time only.

This new release follows on from chocolate fudge brownie flavoured Munchies, as well as Munchies cookie dough, which launched last year.

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The classic sweets - which have been around since 1957 - have a caramel and biscuit centre and are usually coated in milk chocolate.

When can I buy them?

The limited edition white chocolate Munchies will be in Asda stores from 13 August 2020. For now, there will only be 94g bags available, so they're not great for sharing - but that's sure to please most people.

Nestlé is believed to have invented the first white chocolate when, in 1936. While working on a vitamin-enriched condensed milk, workers added cocoa butter to make a solid tablet form of the milk. In doing so, white chocolate was created.

Munchies are made at Nestlé’s Fawdon factory, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which also makes many other well-loved brands, including Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gums, Breakaway, Caramac, Matchmakers, Rolo, Toffee Crisp and Smarties Buttons.

Munchies have been produced in a variety of flavours over the years, including chocolate orange, hazelnut, banoffee, and mint.

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