This TV show is looking for the UK’s loudest snorers - here’s how to get involved

Everybody values their sleep, and the deafening snores of your partner preventing you from getting the shuteye you need can put a strain on even the strongest relationships.

And if you are at your wits’ end and looking to name and shame, you might just have the perfect chance.

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A production company is looking for the UK’s loudest snorers to take part in a new TV show dedicated to the issue. The details are scarce at the moment, but it is believed that the show will take the format of a sleep clinic aimed at helping people with serious tendencies to snore.

Show could take a ‘sleep clinic’ format

Firecracker Films, who are producing the as yet unnamed show, posted on their website, "Is your partner's snoring ruining your life? Is sleep a long and distant memory? If so, we want to hear from you.

“Firecracker Films is making an exciting new show for a major terrestrial broadcaster and we're looking for some of Britain's biggest and loudest snorers. We want to hear from fed-up partners who've simply had enough."

Firecracker Films have not revealed when the show will be aired or on what channel, but they have worked with Channel 4 before on programmes such as The Sex Clinic and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Filming is due to start in September 2019, and you must be over 18 to take part. To apply, go here.

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