This is when Kevin the Carrot soft toys are on sale in Aldi stores in 2020

Kevin the Carrot fans can rejoice as Aldi has announced when the soft toys will be available to purchase in-store.

Fans of the soft toy had been desperately trying to get their hands on the 2020 Kevins when the supermarket released them online.

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The orange soft toy’s popularity is so vast that the supermarket had to set up a Glastonbury-like online queuing system to control the thousands of shoppers who flocked to the website.

Customers had to wake up early to pre-order the toys and merchandise at 8am on Sunday 15 November, and were waiting in hour-long queues before the carrot quickly sold out.

Kevin the Carrots have even been listed on eBay for £75 - £50 more than the original price.

However, those left Kevin-less will still have a chance to buy one in supermarkets in December - here’s when Aldi will be releasing them.

When is Kevin the Carrot in Aldi stores?

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Inspired by Aldi’s 2020 Christmas advert, this year’s Kevin the Carrot comes dressed as a pilot.

Aldi will be releasing the soft toys, which cost £3.99, in store from Sunday 6 December, although no times have been announced and the toys will only be available while stocks last.

Shoppers will be limited to buying only two Kevins each due to the high demand.

Social distancing measures will also be in place, with Aldi setting up automated traffic lights at its entrances to limit the number of people in-store at any one time.

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Staff members will be on hand to enforce social distancing on the shop floor and manage any queues.

What Kevin the Carrot toys will be sold?

It’s not just Kevin who will be available in supermarkets, as other characters from the advert will also be there to buy, including Wingman Turkey, Harry the Hedgehog, and Grate Grandma and Grandad.

All the soft toys are £3.99 each or they can be bought as a bundle of five for £19.95.

There’s also a Christmas jumper version of Kevin and Katie carrot available for £3.99 each.

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And you can buy Kevin’s children, named Chantenay, Jasper and Baby, as a set of three for £3.99.

Shoppers have been going mad for the giant Kevin the Carrot, which costs £19.99 and will also be available in-store.

There’s even Kevin tree decorations priced at £2.99 each and Kevin kids and adult pyjamas costing up to £9.99.

Here’s the full list of this year’s products:

Kevin the Carrot pilot - £3.99Wingman Turkey - £3.99Harry the Hedgehog - £3.99Grate Grandma - £3.99Grate Grandad - £3.99Bundle of above - £19.95Kevin the Carrot - £3.99Katie the Carrot - £3.99Kevin the Carrot kids - £3.99Kevin, Katie and kids bundle - £11.95Giant Kevin the Carrot - £19.99Pyjamas - £4.99-£9.99Tree decorations - £2.99Mug - £1.99Book - £2.99Gift wrap - £1.99

Why is Kevin the Carrot so popular?

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Kevin the Carrot became Aldi’s iconic mascot after featuring in the retailer’s Christmas adverts since 2016.

Since then, the toys have become a sort of cultural phenomenon, with kids and adults obsessing over collecting them.

The 2020 advert shows Kevin flying a fighter jet alongside Lieutenant Turkey, paying homage to Hollywood blockbuster Top Gun.

Kevin is ejected from his plane and lands in the snow with his parachute, bumping into a new friend Harry the Hedgehog.

Harry gives Kevin a lift but the pair end up lost.

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Santa Claus comes to the rescue and gives them a ride back home on his bike.

The adverts are always a mixture of cheeky and Christmassy which is perhaps why Kevin the Carrot appeals to both adults and children.

He is also popular with parents for encouraging kids to eat their vegetables.