This is what we all want most for Christmas this year

Time spent with loved ones is the nation’s most coveted Christmas present this year.

New research shows a high 64 per cent of Brits place quality time with family as their most wanted gift for Christmas, followed by quality time with friends (36 per cent) and time to unwind (34 per cent).

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According to the survey of 15,000 UK adults, 33 per cent of Brits want to buy presents for family and friends that they can enjoy together.

Almost one third of UK adults plan to buy presents to encourage loved ones to be active, while Brits aged 16-24 are most likely to want active presents for themselves - 23 per cent citing sports goods among gifts they most want.

When asked how they would most like to spend quality time with their loved ones over the festive period, 58 per cent of Brits look forward to Christmas dinner, while 47 per cent of adults can’t wait to swap presents, and 40 per cent hope to go on a Boxing Day walk - most popular with Brits aged 55-64, with over half planning to partake. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Screen time is also up there, with 38 per cent of Brits excited to watch Christmas films. Another one in five can’t wait to try out new equipment and toys with family.

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Some Brits will brave the cold, as one in 10 adults aged 16-34 plan a dip in the ocean, as a popular tradition.

The pandemic has significantly changed Christmas values, with 51 per cent of Brits reporting quality time with their family to be more important now, when compared to before the pandemic.

Christmas traditions and how they began:

The top five ways Brits want to spend time with their loved ones this Christmas are, therefore; eating Christmas dinner, opening and giving presents, Boxing Day walks, watching Christmas films, and taking family out to try new gear.

Chris Gilroy, marketing director at Decathlon UK who carried out the research, said: “In the last nearly two years we’ve enjoyed more time with our families than before, through lockdowns and covid rules, yet spending time with family is the nation’s number one wish this Christmas.

"Boxing Day walks and other active traditions tell of a nation that knows what’s good for its mental and physical health.”

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