This is what people think should be done about climate change

Over two thirds of people in Britain say urgent action is needed by our MPs to tackle climate change - according to a new poll.

Environmental groups The Climate Coalition and Greener UK asked over 2,000 people for their views on policy, business and collective action on a range of environmental issues for the poll earlier this month.

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And the results showed that nearly 70 per cent wanted “urgent political action” to be taken on the climate crisis.

Seventy-one per cent said part of this was the responsibility of their elected MP.

Graphic by Kimberley Mogg

On Wednesday, thousands of people from across the country are planning to hold face-to-face meetings with their MPs in Westminster and join a rally around parliament.

The Time is Now mass lobby is being organised by The Climate Coalition and Greener UK.

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Legislation to cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 has been proposed by the government, but people are calling on politicians to bring this date forward.

Young people demanding action on climate change in London earlier this year

Clara Goldsmith, campaigns director at the Climate Coalition, said: "The government's decision to set a net zero target in law was clearly a response to calls for action from voters which have grown louder and louder in recent months.

"Now we need our politicians to put policies in place to deliver on that target, as well as measures to clean up the air we breathe and the plastic in our seas."

Graphic by Tim Hopkinson

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Two thirds of those surveyed said the government should pass a new environment bill urgently, with legally binding targets that create a healthier environment.

The same proportion also believed the UK should to cut its carbon emissions to zero within the next few decades.

Ms Goldsmith added: "The findings in this poll make clear the scale of support for action in the form of statistics.

"The people travelling to Westminster to speak to MPs will show what that support looks like in person."

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