These insanely realistic cake videos are blowing people’s minds

Have you seen the crazy cakes online? (Photo: @redrosecake_tubageckil)Have you seen the crazy cakes online? (Photo: @redrosecake_tubageckil)
Have you seen the crazy cakes online? (Photo: @redrosecake_tubageckil)

Social media is no stranger to a trend - from viral challenges to weird illusions - and if you’re not in the know, you can be left feeling a bit baffled by what everyone is talking about.

Over the weekend, the latest craze to take over the internet are hyper realistic cake reveal videos - videos of cake that have been decorated to look like something else - and they have seriously been confusing the internet.

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You might be wondering why everyone is suddenly talking about cake - this is everything you need to know about the strange new trend.

What are cake reveal videos?

On 8 July, Buzzfeed’s Tasty Twitter account posted a video captioned, “These are all cakes.”

The tweet included an almost four minute compilation of Instagram user @redrosecake_tubageckil’s impressive cake creations.

The cakes in the video have been decorated to look like anything except cake - from other food like pizza and a coconut to objects like a roll of toilet paper and an aloe vera plant in a pot, complete with soil.

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The level of detail and realism that the baker has been able to achieve with the cakes has left viewers amazed and confused.

The video has already amassed over 28 million views, as well as 146k retweets and 332k likes, at the time of writing.

After this video was posted, even more “these are actually all cakes” compilation videos began to surface online.

Fanning the flames of cake reveal videos, YouTube baker Natalie Sideserf also posted her own compilation video of amazingly realistic cakes to Twitter.

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Since the videos were posted, the inside joke of ‘everything is cake’ has taken off. Twitter users quickly began questioning if anything in their life was real - or if everything is just a series of hyper realistic cakes.

Online reactions

As Twitter users got in on the joke, the meme of ‘everything is cake’ emerged.

One wrote, “You try to call for help but the phone is a cake”, to which another person replied, “Help arrives, but they are also cake.”

Someone else attached a video of them trying to cut into various objects, writing, “Pls advise, it’s not working for me.”

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Another user tweeted, “From now on I’m just going to assume everything is cake until proven otherwise.”

“I have chained my roommate to the kitchen table. I will be cutting him open to see if he’s a cake. He says he isn’t, but that’s exactly something a cake would say,” another person tweeted.