These are the best films and TV shows coming to Netflix in August

(Image: Netflix)(Image: Netflix)
(Image: Netflix)

Another month, another cracking line-up of movies and original programming on Netflix.

As the nights slowly begin to draw in, streaming fans have plenty to look forward to, from insightful sports documentaries to the gripping finales of a number of foreign language sci-fi thrillers.

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Here’s the very best of what’s coming to Netflix in August 2020.

Immigration Nation

What is it? This six part documentary series is sure to be shocking, taking an unprecedented look at the processes, pitfalls and pain of immigration in America.

Shot over the course of three years, it captures the daily workings of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, activists, lawmakers, attorneys and a wide swath of undocumented immigrants.

When can I see it? 3 August

Anelka: Misunderstood

What is it? Fans of sports docu-series looking for their next Last Dance-style fix should look no further than Anelka, a portrait of the infamous footballer who took his game to the 1998, 2006 and 2010 World Cups, the 2000 European Championship, the Champions League, and the English, French and Spanish championships.

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Filmmaker Franck Nataf followed Nicolas Anelka in his day-to-day life for seven years, and the results are an in-depth series that cover 40 years of a richly lived life in football.

It’s sure to not shy away from less palatable moments, from the player’s lowest moments, the insults he allegedly directed at his manager, and his “immature tough guy” image.

When can I see it? 5 August

The Rain (Season 6)

What is it? The third and final season of the apocalyptic Danish drama will pick up where the second season left off, years after the rain decimated the population of Scandinavia.

Simone and Rasmus find themselves at odds on how to save humanity. Rasmus wants to infect everyone with the same beta version of the virus that turned him into a superhuman, while Simone insists that there must be a cure.

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Will they manage to put their differences aside in order to do the right thing?

When can I see it? 6 August


What is it? In recent weeks, Netflix has laid on a feast of alternative therapy shows, from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Lab to the recently released Down To Earth with Zac Efron.

Their latest takes a slightly different tack, and (Un)Well is a six-part docuseries that seems to be investigating similar controversial wellness fads with a more skeptical eye.

Topics include apitherapy, essential oils, breast milk, extreme fasting, ayahuasca, and tantric sex. 

When can I see it? 12 August

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3% (Season 4)

What is it? The second big foreign-language sci-fi to give fans its final season this month is 3%, the Brazillian dystopian thriller about a mythical offshore island where only the highest of society can visit.

In the final season, the conflict between the Shell and the Offshore is wide open and war is imminent. But while Process 108 begins under a new and even more aggressive leadership, members of the Shell are invited to a diplomatic visit to the Offshore.

When can I see it? 14 August


What is it? This animated sitcom centers on a hot-headed, foul-mouthed high school basketball coach, who thinks turning around his miserable team will also help him turn his miserable life around.

It’s likely to be a close-to-the-bone comedy for adults only, since it’s been devised by Ben Hoffman - a comedian and musician who once had his satirical country albums described by Rolling Stone as “unfathomably obscene and undeniably offensive.”

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Episode titles like ‘F***ing Ethics’ give an idea of the profanity that’s in store, but with the Jump Street and LEGO Movies’ Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on as producers, there could be some genuinely funny moments among the crassness.

When can I see it? 21 August

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