These are the best autobiographies for your Christmas list in 2020

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2020 has undoubtedly been a year of trials and tribulations, of sharing heartwarming stories and acts of kindness and selflessness.

But what about those in the public eye who face adversity but manage to overcome this to achieve greatness?

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Here are 11 of the best autobiographies released in 2020, sharing the life stories and experiences of some of the world’s most influential athletes, celebrities, and politicians.

While they make a great read at any time of the year, they are also perfect Christmas gifts.

A promised land - Barack Obama

Obama has shared the first volume of memoirs about his early life, leading into his first few years in office at the White House.

Describing in detail how he transitioned from a young law graduate searching for his true identity, to the difficult decisions he made during his term as the 44th president of the United States of America, this truly is an eye-opening read.

The Dreamer - Cliff Richard

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Cliff Richard may be 80 years old, but age has never held this British icon back.

Having achieved a hit in every decade since the 1950s, his life hasn’t all been as chirpy as ‘Mistletoe and Wine’. Richard has shared a humbling account of how he achieved greatness in The Dreamer, a gripping read offering a fresh outlook on the pop star who helped shape the UK’s music scene.

Limitless - Tim Peake

Based on diaries and audio recordings of his space missions, astronaut Tim Peake shares his experiences from serving in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan as an army pilot to his career in the European Space agency.

An inspiring read about reaching for the stars.

A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future - Sir David Attenborough

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At 94 years old, the national treasure has shared his life and thoughts on the planet as it has aged with him in this humbling ‘witness statement’ about how we can right the wrongs of global warming and work towards sustaining our planet.

Life’s what you make it - Philip Schofield

In what has been a difficult but freeing year for the much loved ITV presenter, Schofield shares how he came to the decision to go public about his sexuality after a long battle with himself. A private memoir, Schofield shares his personal struggles alongside the highlights of his television career.

Tomorrow Will be a Good Day - Captain Tom Moore

Famously walking the length of his garden 100 times for the NHS Clap for Carers campaign, the country has come to know and love this elderly ex-serviceman.

This book shares the life and lessons of Captain Tom, from being a young lad growing up in the Yorkshire Dales to the World Wars and how we can all do our bit to support one another. A truly humbling story which made it to No.1 Sunday Times best seller.

Behind the Mask - Tyson Fury

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Fury released this gripping memoir in 2019 but it was Sports Book of the Year 2020 so it is definitely worth a mention.

The Gypsy King offers a fresh insight into his successes and failures and how they helped him bounce back stronger than ever. Arguably the greatest boxer of this generation, not everyone loves Fury, but nobody can ignore him.

This book shows the man, out of the ring, stripped back and raw giving another knockout show.

Just Ignore Him - Alan Davies

Best known for his light-hearted, comical persona, Davies is a well established British Comedian.

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This memoir gives insight into a childhood riddled with hardship, with details of sexual abuse and grief which some readers might find upsetting.

Davies doesn’t stop short of sharing his reality as part of a journey to overcoming adversity and achieve success.

The Meaning of Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey

After years of articles being published in the press about her life, the ‘All I want for Christmas’ singer wanted to share the truth from her own perspective, with the hope that people will see an unfiltered, unedited version of her.

Quite - Claudia Winkleman

This humorous, uplifting and witty book offers an insight into the British presenter’s outlook, through black lined eyes.

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Not too serious, but tackling some big issues, Claudia discusses everything from melted cheese to relationships, friendships and parenting.

My Life in Red and White - Arsène Wenger

In light of his 22 years of management and unrivalled success at Arsenal, Wenger has written about his leadership, successes and motivations.

From the beginning of his football career in France to an undefeated 49-match run, a lot can be learned from his mindset and approach to life – both on and off the pitch.

Kid Jensen: For the Record – David Jensen

Following the news that former DJ, Kid Jensen, has been battling Parkinson’s for seven years, the 80-year-old has released this personal account of living life in showbiz, with all its ups and downs. It tells the story of how the Canadian achieved his dreams after selling his motorbike and trumpet and moving to London. Some of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Parkinson’s UK.