These are the best (and worst) months to go on holiday - according to travel experts

Thinking of booking your 2020 holiday? Tech travel company Tourlane has conducted a comprehensive study to find out which months are the best - and worst - for UK travellers to go away.

Tourlane used several different criteria to determine which month it would benefit UK workers the most to go on holiday - and February came out top.

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The data showed that February is the worst month to stay in the UK because of its low temperatures, high rainfall and lack of daylight hours.

In combination with this, it's one of the months with the longest gaps between bank holidays and is one of the least busy months to fly from UK airports.

February has one of the lowest average temperatures of any month (Photo: Shutterstock)

Compared to 184 hours of sunshine in May, February gets an average of just 66.7 hours per month, with one of the lowest average temperatures of any month at 3.4C.

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The February half-term in towards the end of the month also means that travellers with and without children can find the time to go on holiday.

According to the data, the worst month of the year to go on holiday is August, which sees incredibly busy airports as lots of travellers head abroad for holidays.

August is one of the busiest months in airports (Photo: Shutterstock)

August in the UK also has high temperatures, plenty of daylight hours and a 122.3 hours of sunshine per month. With a bank holiday weekend too, it's one of the least beneficial times for UK travellers to leave home, says Tourlane.

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The months ranked in order of best to worst times for travellers to leave the UK are as follows:


The criteria Tourlane used to determine which months were the best to go away included the amount of international and domestic passengers arriving and leaving from UK airports, average rainfall and sunshine levels, and the months which featured a school holiday.