The Staircase: your new true-crime obsession 'from the home of' Making a Murderer

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A gripping true-crime docu-series "from the home of" Making A Murderer hits Netflix this week.

The Staircase tells the compelling story of Michael Peterson, a crime novelist accused of killing his wife Kathleen after she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs at their home in 2001.

The ensuing judicial battle has been long and arduous.

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'Did he do it?' is the show's tagline of sorts, and it aims to uncover the truth behind this most intriguing of cases.

Filming on the original series began in earnest - soon after Peterson's indictment - and camera crews were given unprecendent access for a documentary production at the time.

The accused's extended family, the defence lawyers, and the court room all featured, something of a first for the genre.

An absorbing saga that has run and run

Rather than being an entirely new endeavour, Netflix have instead brought the original 2004 series on the case to their service - and updated it with three brand new episodes.

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Directed by same man who helmed the previous instalments, Oscar-winner Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, these document the story of Peterson's final trial in early 2016.

Given that many viewers will likely have never seen the 2004 broadcast (it pre-dated the true-crime boom by some time), Netflix's acquisition and extension feels like a natural move for a controversial real-life saga that has run and run.

The Staircase asks 'Did he do it?' (Photo: Netflix)

The follow-up was initially set to be a feature-length film, but when it was acquired by Netflix earlier this year, it was decided that it should be broken up into three new episodes, to complement the first series.

The original run received rave reviews, and even won a Peabody Award - which recognise the most powerful stories in broadcasting.

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It was shown in the UK in 2005, cut together into a two-hour special and broadcast as part of BBC Four's Storyville strand of documentaries.

The Staircase - including three brand new episodes - comes to Netflix on Friday June 8

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[Main image: Netflix]

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