Strong winds and heavy showers to batter England as yellow warning issued - the upcoming forecast

The weather warning is in place from 9pm on Wednesday to 3pm on Thursday (Photo: Shutterstock) The weather warning is in place from 9pm on Wednesday to 3pm on Thursday (Photo: Shutterstock)
The weather warning is in place from 9pm on Wednesday to 3pm on Thursday (Photo: Shutterstock)

Strong winds and heavy showers are forecast to batter England and Wales later this week, the Met Office has warned.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for the two regions from Wednesday (10 March) evening, which could bring some disruption.

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Gusts up to 70mph

The Met Office has issued the weather warning from 9pm on Wednesday (10 March) until 3pm on Thursday (11 March).

The bout of unsettled weather could lead to some short-term loss of power and delays to transport, with commuters warned to expect disruption to road and transport services.

The warning states: “Strong winds accompanied by heavy and blustery showers may bring some disruption to England and Wales.

“Strong and gusty winds are likely to develop on Wednesday (10 March) evening and continue into Thursday (11 March).

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“Gusts of 50-55mph are possible inland, especially close to showers. Gusts may reach 60-70mph on coasts and hills, especially in the west, before gradually easing on Thursday afternoon”.

The Met Office has said there would also likely be delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges, while some short term loss of power and other services is possible.

Some bus and train services may be affected, with journey times expected to take longer.

Forecast for the week ahead

Tuesday is expected to be most cloudy in the south and east of the UK, with some sunny intervals, while rain is forecast in the north and west.

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This wet weather will turn heavier and more persistent in the northwest later in the day, along with some gales.

Rain will continue through much of Wednesday, with showers to be heaviest in the west. Conditions will become very windy overnight into Thursday with frequent heavy, blustery showers.

Wet and unsettled conditions will likely persist into Friday, although the wind is expected to die down ahead of the weekend.

All areas across the UK are forecast to see showers or longer spells of rain over the weekend, with western areas to be the wettest and eastern areas seeing more prolonged, drier interludes.

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Heading into next week there is a chance of more settled, drier and brighter conditions in southern parts initially, but will later extend to the rest of the country for a time, with temperatures to be milder as the weather becomes more settled.

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