Rome has brought in new rules for tourists - here’s what you need to know

If you are planning on going on holiday to Rome this year then you will need to be aware of new rules or face getting a fine.

The city council has put new legislation in place to try and crack down on tourist behaviour, banning things like wheelie suitcases on the Spanish Steps, so-called ‘love padlocks’ on bridges and walking around topless.

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The new rules are an update on legislation from 1946 and have been brought in as an attempt to introduce more ‘decorum’ to tourists.

Laws aim to introduce ‘decorum’ to tourists

The rules range from a ban on people letting their lips touch the spout of drinking fountains to preventing visitors from eating messy snacks or littering.

There are also new changes to the law that are designed to affect the way locals behave as well.

People who dress up as Roman soldiers and offer photo opportunities are prevented from going near landmarks such as the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain, and buskers must limit their volume and stay off public transport.

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Severe fines

“Severe fines” have been threatened for anybody caught paddling or wading in the city’s famous fountains.

A statement from mayor Virginia Raggi’s office said, “The new rules on the exploitation of prostitution, centurions and rickshaws, administration and consumption of alcohol, protection of fountains and historical-artistic heritage become definitive and immediately applicable.

"We want to guarantee decorum, security and legality, also thanks to the introduction of new sanctions such as the urban daspo. The aim is to promote respect for common goods, public spaces, commercial rules and decorum, both among citizens and tourists."

Although it is unclear how the rules will be enforced, those who break them can expect a telling off by police, or even a fine.

Full details can be found on the city council website.

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