RockShot could be the next Fortnite: here's everything you need to know

Gaming phenomenon Fortnite continues to pick up more and more players. But there are other contenders emerging that hope to be the next online sensation.

One game aiming for the same success is RockShot, a new free-to-play multiplayer title that hit PC distribution service Steam earlier this week.

Here's everything you need to know about it.

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What's the aim of the game?

While RockShot has a lot in common with Fortnite - including third-person shooting and combat - there are a few key differences.

Instead of the Battle Royale mode that has made Fortnite such a success, players are instead tasked with building a base, before either defending it from the opposing team, or attacking the other team's hideout.

That means building is central to player tactics, much like in Fortnite, but again there's a difference: RockShot's base-building elements merge top-down strategy games with fast-paced shooting action.

"Attack enemy bases together... while designing your own base to give your enemies an explosive welcome," reads the game's official description.

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"The goal is simple: expand the borders of your territory and increase your sphere of dominance!"

Some commentators have noted that the game feels like a spiritual successor to Devil's Third Online, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter based on Wii U game Devil's Third.

The base-construction component looks to be a lot more indepth than Fortnite's on-the-go building (Image: Soleil Ltd./Gameforge 4D GmbH)

Is it as 'kooky' as Fortnite?

Perhaps one of Fortnite's biggest selling points is its cartoonish aesthetic and fun-loving attitude, and RockShot appears to be going for a similar vibe.

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Though the game's graphics sport a more serious look, players have the chance to enjoy "less familiar fare involving chickens, melons and zombies".

With a wide range of weaponry including katanas and electric guitars, RockShot doesn't take itself too seriously.

Is it gory?

While RockShot may present similarly cartoonish action, there's a bit more gore than in Fortnite.

Blood can be seen from enemies as they're hit, and appears on the screen when you receive damage from other players.

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'Flying Vanguard' electric guitars are just one of the weapons players can get their hands on (Image: Soleil Ltd./Gameforge 4D GmbH)

A lot of the game's weapons also appear to be more realistic, as opposed to Fortnite's over-the-top fantasy weapons.

It's likely aimed at a slightly more mature audience.

Is it any good?

RockShot is currently on Steam's "Early Access" program, a service that allows developers to publish versions of games that are still in development.

The current version of RockShot is very much a work-in-progress, and feedback so far has been mixed.

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Most of the negative reviews have been levelled at the game's unreliable servers, which make arranging an online match-up easier said than done.

Those issues seem to have been rectified in recent days, but RockShot is still in the early phases of its development.

RockShot appears to strike a slightly more serious tone, and with gorier battles and more realistic graphics, is probably aimed at slightly older players (Image: Soleil Ltd./Gameforge 4D GmbH)

RockShot is available now through Steam Early Access on PC

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