Pizza lilos and burger rings - Primark launch inflatable pool collection in time for summer

Snapped with the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, the Kardashians and pretty much every other celebrity who likes to party at the pool, novelty inflatable pool floats have become the staple of every holidaymaker's Instagram feed.

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on May 10, 2015 at 4:27pm PDT

Kendall Jenner's lilo probably wasn't from Primark

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And if you’re busy planning your summer break then you might need to make some extra room in your suitcase because Primark has launched a new, larger collection of pool inflatables for the summer with prices starting at just £1.00.

After completely selling out last year, the new larger range includes everything from pizza lilos to burger drink cups to give your photos the celeb-treatment.

The new collection includes a range of human-sized lilos in a selection of novelty shapes including a giant pizza slice and a giant glitter seashell – all for just £10.00.

There’s also a range of inflatable swim rings and for £7.00 you can relax on a giant burger, gumball machine or mermaid shaped swim ring.

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There are also banana and tropical themed swim rings which cost just £5.00.

And if you’re prone to a Sangria or two the collection also includes a burger and Pegasus shaped cup holder for just £1.00 to keep your drink safe in the sun.