Müller is recalling these yoghurts and desserts because they might contain pieces of metal

These are the products that have been recalled (Photo: Müller)These are the products that have been recalled (Photo: Müller)
These are the products that have been recalled (Photo: Müller)

Some Müller yoghurts and desserts have been recalled by the company due to the possible presence of metal in the products.

This is everything you need to know about the recall, including what to do if you’ve been affected.

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Why are they being recalled?

Müller is recalling some batches of its products due to the “possible presence of small pieces of metal in the product”, according to the recall notice.

This is due to a fault with the roller supporting belts that used to transport fruit in the Müller factory. The roller was misaligned which means that small pieces of metal could drop into the fruit.

The recall is a precautionary measure from Müller, who stressed that it has “not detected any metal in samples from the affected batches”, but is simply taking steps to ensure that no one is put at risk.

The affected products

This is the full list of affected products:

Müller corner fruit six pack - cherry & blackberry/raspberry. Pack size: six by 143g. Use by date: 4 MarchMüller corner fruit six pack - strawberry & peach/apricot. Pack size: six by 143g. Use by 26 February and 2 MarchMüller corner six pack - strawberry, vanilla/chocolate balls & digestive biscuit. Pack size: six by 130/143g. Use by 3 MarchMüllerlight six pack - strawberry, cherry & raspberry/cranberry. Pack size: six by 160g. Use before 7 MarchMüllerlight, cherry. Pack size: one by 160g. Use before 13 MarchMüllerlight six pack - mango/passionfruit, peach/pineapple & mandarin. Pack size: six by 160g. Use before 14 MarchMüllerlight Greek strawberry. Pack size: four by 120g. Use before 7 MarchMüller rice six pack, apple and raspberry. Pack size: six by 180g. Use before 8 MarchMüller bliss mascarpone style yoghurt, peach & apricot. Pack size: four by 110g. Use before 10 March

No other Müller products are affected by this recall.

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What to do if you’ve been affected

If you’ve purchased a recalled product from Müller, you are advised not to eat the affected food and instead return it to the store they were purchased from for a refund.

If you’re concerned about this recall, you can get in touch with Müller’s consumer care team directly via:

Email: consumers@müller.co.ukPhoning: 01630 692000