Make your garden work as a place to inspire creativity

People who are still working at home can give their brain a boost by connecting with nature.

A breather in the great outdoors has been proven to stimulate productivity, focus and creativity.

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You don’t have to have a huge garden space to be able to work from there. Blocking out time in the garden, or on your balcony, for phone calls, creative thinking and problem solving will ensure you get up from your desk and get outside.

Think of your garden as an extra room of your house. And then think about what kind of room you need. Whatever you want to create, spend some time finding the right garden furniture to match its purpose.

Eating at your desk is a bad idea, it doesn’t allow you to take a break from your screen and can also hinder productivity. Taking a step away from your workspace into your garden to take some time out will be hugely beneficial. You can really make the most of some down time to re-energise before getting back to an afternoon of Zoom calls.

It may be that your garden needs to be multi-functional, so in that case, be clever with some zoning. Use your furniture to create distinct areas for working, entertaining, for children’s toys and playtime.

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If you’re considering working at home long-term, it might be worth building an outdoor office. This could be as simple as transforming your shed into a workspace or building a more solid structure, which would of course need planning permission, and some extensive budget behind it. Research has shown that upgrading your garden with an outdoor office can add up to 20% to the value of your home.

These tips on creating working from home spaces in the garden were provided by Mojo Mortgages.

(photo: Shutterstock)

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