Here's what to expect from the final season of Better Call Saul - and how long we'll have to wait

This week saw the thrilling conclusion to Season 5 of Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul.

A tense finale capped off an excellent season, the show's penultimate one before it comes to a permanent end with Season 6.

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But what are the main talking points coming out of Season 5? And when might we see the return of Jimmy/Saul, Kim and Mike.

What happened in Season 5?

Better Call Saul's fifth season came to a tense finale, with some storylines wrapping up as others threw up even more unanswered questions.

As the credits rolled on the final episode of the series, it looked as if Kim Wexler, not Jimmy McGill, is shaping up to be the show’s true antihero.

“In a lot of ways, Kim is the soul in question here,” co-creator Peter Gould told Rolling Stone. “We know, for better or worse, who Saul Goodman seemed to be on Breaking Bad. But what happens to Kim Wexler? Where is she headed? There’s a lot of possibilities, and a lot of not-so-great possibilities.”

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Kim had been making some shady decisions of late – in keeping with the name of season five's second-to-last episode – what with her increased involvement with the shadier side of Jimmy's work.

Then the Season 5 finale saw her quit her job at Schweikart & Cokely to become a pro-bono lawyer; it could now be argued that the entire show hasn't been about Jimmy's journey to becoming Saul, but about Kim's journey to the Dark Side instead.

"Kim hates being told how to feel or what to do, or who she is. She really loathes it," actress Rhea Seehorn - who plays Wexler - has said.

"Would she really do these things? And even if she wouldn’t, she’s saying them as though they’re a game, in a way that she really detests in a lot of other people at this point — playing games with the law and playing with people’s lives."

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Lalo also became an essential character throughout Season 5, something that Vince Gilligan admits he was "wrong" about in the past.

“I’m embarrassed to admit this now,” he told Rolling Stone, “but back in Season 1 or 2, when I was more active on the show, Peter kept saying, ‘We’ve gotta answer who Lalo is,’ and I finally said, ‘I don’t know that we need to answer every single question.’

"Man, I was wrong. If Peter hadn’t pushed, we wouldn’t have Tony Dalton. We wouldn’t have this amazing character."

When might Season 6 be out?

Usually, there's a gap of only a year to wait between each new season of Better Call Saul.

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However, between seasons 4 and 5, there was a wait of two years. So it's going to be at least another year until we see Season 6 on our screens.

It could even be two years. With the current coronavirus pandemic suspending production of film and TV projects the world over, we'd say it will be at least 2022 until we see Better Call Saul.

What will happen in Season 6?

Fans will be wondering just what's in store in the sixth and final season of the popular crime drama.

"The title of the penultimate episode this season was 'Bad Choice Road'. And, certainly, Kim Wexler seems to be on a bad choice road," said showrunner Peter Gould in an interview with The Wrap.

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"She's really the mystery of the show now. I think we're past Jimmy turning into Saul, it’s been a wonderful journey. The question now is who is Kim?," star Bob Odenkirk previously told Deadline.

Gould also has some concerned about what will become of Nacho in the next season.

He said: "I don’t know how we’re looking at Nacho. He’s in deep, deep trouble."