Greggs festive bakes return to Iceland - here's what's in store

Iceland has announced the much-anticipated return of Greggs' limited edition Festive Bakes, which are in stores and online now.

Exclusive to Iceland, the are just £2 for a pack of two bakes.

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The Greggs Festive Bake has a festive filling of rich Christmassy flavours that combine pieces of chicken breast pieces, sage and onion stuffing and sweetcure bacon in a creamy sage and cranberry sauce. All of this is then parcelled in golden puff pastry with the all-important crunchy crumb topping.

The Festive Bake can be cooked from frozen in the oven for just 30 minutes, meaning they are ideal as a seasonal snack at lunchtime.

The full range

Iceland’s exclusive range of Greggs products include:

· Greggs 2 Sausage & Bean Melts (£1.50, 308g)

· Greggs 4 Sausage Rolls (£2.00, 427g)

· Greggs 2 Cheese & Onion Bakes (£1.50, 288g)

· Greggs Steak Bakes (£2.00, 280g)

· Greggs 16 Mini Sausage Rolls (£2.00, 433g)

· Greggs 2 Corned Beef Bakes (£2.00, 290g)

· Greggs 2 Vegetable Bakes (£2.00, 310g)

· Greggs Chicken Bakes (£2.00, 306g)

· Greggs 2 Bacon & Cheese Wraps (£2.00, 194g)

· Greggs 8 Sausage Rolls (£3.50, 854g)

· Greggs 2 Scotch Pies (£2.00, 282g)

· Greggs Limited Edition 2 Nacho Chilli Cheese Bake (£2.00, 318g)

Iceland's Christmas collection is in store now, and includes our highly rated mince pies.

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