Could your old tech be worth a fortune? Top selling tips

Many people could be hoarding classic collectible computers and video game consoles worth a great deal of money, at home.

Here is a list of the most valuable retro computers, and machines that have increased most in value over time.

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To help those who might want to sell their old tech online, there are some expert tips on how to do this.

A new study found that the Apple-1 is the most valuable vintage PC at around £371,556, while rare machines can have an ROI of up to 68,707 per cent.

With most of us upgrading smartphones, video game consoles, laptops, and PC’s every few years, the life cycle of our personal electronics are relatively short.

Most of us have an old phone or two in a drawer, or an old computer or video game console boxed up gathering dust somewhere.

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These are the top 10 most valuable vintage computers as shown by recent research;

Apple-1 - £371,556Kenbak-1 - £33,976SCELBI-8H - £10,530ALTAIR 8800 - £6,572Apple LISA - £1,984Amiga 4000 - £1,782Apple II - £1,597IMSAI 8080 - £1,443Apple III - £1,263NeXT Cube - £1,082

The top 10 vintage computers by ROI are;

Apple-1 - 68,707 per centKenbak-1 - 5,493 per centSCELBI-8H - 2,500 per centALTAIR 8800 - 1,751 per centELF II - 240 per centJupiter ACE - 203 per centIMSAI 8080 - 197 per centAcorn Atom - 167 per centHeathkit H8 - 76 per centSinclair ZX-80 - 74 per cent

Rob Baillie, from who conducted the study, said; “Like most collectibles, how much something is worth often depends on how rare it is and what condition it’s in.

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“But even as some more common machines get older, working examples are increasingly harder to track down which only increases their value. While functioning examples will be the most lucrative, some collectors will buy broken items to strip for parts.

“If you think that you might have a valuable PC or video games console at home, start by looking at similar examples that have recently sold on auction sites. Getting a feel for how much collectors are willing to pay will help you set a realistic price making for a quicker sale.

“However, if you’re lucky enough to have one of the rare items featured on our list then you might want to contact an expert first.

“Having a professional to value and authenticate your item could help dramatically increase the price potential buyers are willing to pay”.

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Top tips for selling old tech online include;

1 Does it work? Working items sell for more. Plug it in or charge the battery and check everything is in order.

2 Do your homework. Look at the history of the item and how many were sold, to give you a better understanding when researching the going rate of comparable lots.

3 Be descriptive. A thorough description of your item could help increase buyer confidence while deterring opportunists.

4 Photos matter. Take a variety of well-lit photos from different angles while including closeups of components. Include honest photographs of any damage, even small cosmetic scuffs.

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5 Check postage. Before settling on a price, get a quote for shipping and calculate your profit margin. Offering free shipping could help entice buyers.

Check out the vintage PCs with the best ROI at:

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