Channel 4’s new TV show sees contestants of all shapes and sizes baring all

Channel 4’s new reality show will cast a positive spin on body image - with contestants of all shapes and sizes flaunting their figures.

Transforming Britain’s body image

This new programme, named Naked Beach, will be hosted by Ayesha Perry-Iqbal and Felicity Hayward - two plus-sized models who are on a mission to help contestants boost their self esteem.

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But they’ll be doing so naked - wearing nothing but body paint.

Weekly body confidence tasks

Naked Beach will see the contestants take on a number of naked tasks in an attempt to help them boost their self confidence.

Ayesha, who has a successful modelling career in the States and thousands of followers on Instagram who love her body-positive posts, will work alongside Felicity and six other hosts.

Together, they will guide three contestants of all shapes and sizes through a number of naked tasks each week.

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Each of the contestants have different body issues and the contestants will complete different scientific tasks, alongside speaking to the hosts one-on-one to talk through their problems.

Scientific approach

Naked Beach is based on a scientific approach developed by Dr Keon West and body image campaigner Natasha Devo, which aims to improve self esteem.

Ayesha, who now lives in Los Angeles, told Fabulous Digital, "The show is based on a science that shows that getting naked around other normal naked bodies is the ultimate way to improve your body image.

"In the show we're all in body paint and every week we have different people come on the show who have extremely low body image - for various different reasons.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post