Be right on trend with an upside-down Christmas tree

It seems an unlikely trend but it's caught on - and nowhere more so than in the UK.

According to a recent study, upside-down Christmas trees are back on the rise. Using social media and search data, researchers were able to determine why this unconventional trend is one we will likely see more of.

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Inverted trees became a stylish trend back in 2017 when Karl Lagerfeld designed Claridge's Christmas tree in Mayfair, London.

Even celebrities such as Ariana Grande have hopped on this trend in recent years. But last year for the first Christmas since Lagerfeld’s creation, searches have overtaken those of 2017 by 22 per cent - showing it’s coming back!

According to Google search data, searches in 2020 peaked in November with a 174 per cent increase compared to 2018, and an 83 per cent increase year on year (2019).

Drench analysed Google Trends data over the last five years and discovered that the UK country with most interest over time in an ‘upside down Christmas tree’ was Wales.

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However, this changed when they looked at the last 12 months alone as Scotland currently leads the way.

TikTok has seen the hashtag #UpsideDownChristmasTree increase to 8.1 million views recently and Instagram has more than 8.4k related posts of fans trying it out for themselves.

Melissa Wright, 26, owner of Allure Beauty Salon, Newcastle, has had her upside-down Christmas tree for three years now and is accumulating millions of views on social media.

Melissa ordered the tree online from Europe and got it shipped to the UK. She spent £190 on the tree and £200 on her Swan Lake themed decorations.

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She said: “The base is easier than a ceiling one as I’d be scared it would pull the ceiling down plus we have a swan lake theme at the top of the tree.”

“The base is just like a normal tree. We sometimes get scared to go near it in case it topples over but it never has. I think we get nervous just in case as it’s so big.

“Our clients absolutely love the tree and get so excited each year for it going up! Some bring their kids to see it and they always take photos and videos of it too.”

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