6 expert hacks to organise our shrinking bedrooms

We’ve never been more in need of  storage and organisation tips for our homes. More homes are now double as the workplace than seen in the last 20 years, with 5.6 million people reporting that they work from home in 2020.

To help you master bedroom storage, Jonathan Warren, director and bed specialist at Time4Sleep has partnered with Ingrid Jansen and Lesley Spellman of The Declutter Hub Podcast and Kate Windleton, a feng shui enthusiast and Relocation Manager at Strong Move to share 6 ways to keep your shrinking bedroom spotless.

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1. Make use of under-bed space

Jonathan suggests: “The bed tends to be the largest item in a bedroom and in a particularly small space it’s important to consider how it can do more than just be your snoozing spot.

“If you’re not keen on exposed storage boxes underneath a bed,  a storage bed or ottoman bed is a great option, providing you with a hidden storage space that’s effectively the same size as your bed.

2. Reset your room every day

Ingrid and Lesley say: “A reset a day keeps the floordrobe away! Each morning after you have got yourself up and ready for the day, be sure to make your bed and reset your bedroom by putting anything away that’s out of place.

“Make a bedroom reset a daily habit by working out your non-negotiables.”

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3. Consider if your bed is right for the room

Jonathan says: “You might have managed to squeeze a kingsize bed into your room to enjoy the extra stretch space whilst you sleep, but it’s likely that this tactic will be visually overcrowding your bedroom. This will reduce your storage options and might be forcing you to uncomfortably manoeuvre around your space.

“Having a bed that fits comfortably within the room will allow you to have additional freestanding storage options such as wardrobes and drawers whilst avoiding looking too busy in a space that should ideally be promoting a sense of calm.”

4. Invest in velvet or flocked hangers

Ingrid and Lesley add: “Maximise your wardrobe. If you want to make the most out of the hanging space you have in your bedroom, velvet or flocked hangers will be your friend. They’ll save space and give you a streamlined calming look.

5. Create balance in your bedroom

Kate Windleton, a feng shui enthusiast and Relocation Manager at Strong Move, explains how organising your room with Chinese geomancy in mind can aid in creating balance.

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She says: “You'll need space on both sides of the bed for a nightstand to ensure symmetry in the room. Nightstands also provide a great opportunity to personalise your space with lamps, plants and accessories. I would also advise having a headboard - for they help represent stability.

6. Keep your bedside table clear

Ingrid and Lesley comment: “Don’t make your bedside table a dumping ground. For a restful night’s sleep, have only those things by your bedside that you need to aid sleep.

“Ditch the pile of books, the laptop, the old medication boxes and the old batteries and lightbulbs and think calm! Less clutter means more calm and more sleep.”

To find the perfect storage solution for you, browse Time4Sleep’s wide range of beds.