22 tips to save money when shopping online

Great ways to shop onlineGreat ways to shop online
Great ways to shop online

With the cost-of-living crisis soaring, Brits are being offered helpful advice on how to grab a bargain when shopping online.

The cash-savers at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk have provided 22 valuable ways to cut the costs of an online shop to help people worry less about their spending.

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Some of these savvy tips include looking out for first order discount codes, using a rewards card, or even enrolling onto a subscribe and save scheme.

John Stirzaker from NetVoucherCodes.co.uk said: “Many shoppers are hesitant to proceed to the checkout, as they have the burdening thoughts of paying for bills and other household expenses.

“To ease people’s concerns when browsing online, we have provided some helpful tips and tricks to cut the costs of an online shop and make the most of any offers available.

“It’s always best to double check whether a website takes a blue light card or if they accept a valid voucher code, all of which can knock off an extra £15 off your total spend.”

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Grab a bargain when you shop online (photo: Adobe)Grab a bargain when you shop online (photo: Adobe)
Grab a bargain when you shop online (photo: Adobe)
Cut the costs on online shopping (photo: Adobe)Cut the costs on online shopping (photo: Adobe)
Cut the costs on online shopping (photo: Adobe)

Here are 22 genius tips from NetVoucherCodes.co.uk to save money online:

Use a loyalty card

Regular shoppers can benefit from a loyalty scheme to collect rewards. It’s free to sign up to the scheme, retailers will offer free gifts or bonus points which converts into money for future shops.

Double up on discount codes

If you have a few codes at the ready, don’t be afraid to stack them up. Some retailers allow multiple offers at once, so it’s always best to give it a go.

Set a monthly online allowance

If you’re a shopper who instantly wants to buy an item, think before splashing out. Setting a monthly budget can be wise to help unnecessary shopping, but it also makes spending less of a worry.

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Make a creative shopping list

Make a creative shopping list (photo: Adobe)Make a creative shopping list (photo: Adobe)
Make a creative shopping list (photo: Adobe)

It’s sensible to sit back and think how you can make it more fun and flexible to shop online on a budget. Make a list of needs and wants before splashing the cash. Perhaps even get colourful and label “wants” in pink and “needs” in green.

Leave the items in the basket

A nifty trick which many are unaware of. Once you’ve created an account and fill up the basket, leave it with the items in and then you will receive emails reminding you to click checkout. These emails may include discount codes to convince you to spend.

Second hand isn’t second best

Using re-sale clothing apps can help you create a whole new wardrobe at half the price. A designer top worth over £80 could be listed for £8.50.

NHS and Blue Light discount

It’s common for brands to partner up with a special discount scheme for NHS and blue light workers. Have a look at brands websites as well as the blue light card app to see if it’s included and get saving an extra 10% off.

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Open online chat

A simple tool to try and save extra pennies, send a message on the online chat system and ask them about available discounts. To further save, get on the phone to the customer service team to try and charm them to throw in a special offer - works great for new customers.

Refer a friend

Sending a referral link to a friend can give you a bonus offer and helps to get some extra cash in the pocket. An offer may get you to refer a friend and then both of you receive £15 towards your next shop. Check a websites discount scheme to ensure these deals are available.

Explore expert voucher code offers

Official promo codes are easily accessible for shoppers who do their research, have a look at sites which offer live promo codes to get some fantastic deals.

Purchase next-day delivery for a year

Paying for a years’ worth of delivery can save hundreds if you’re a frequent shopper. Some even feature the special touch of next-day delivery, so you won’t be waiting around all week for your order to arrive.

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Try click and collect

If you want to save those extra pennies even further, many companies use a free click and collect service at local stores. This few quid you save each time could be placed in a savings pot to put towards an exciting holiday or even pay for a day out.

Student discount

Many student discount apps provide big savings for online shoppers, with most sites operating savings from ten per cent to 25 per cent off popular brands.

Get more in a sale

Pick up a bargain in online sales (photo: Adobe)Pick up a bargain in online sales (photo: Adobe)
Pick up a bargain in online sales (photo: Adobe)

If a sale is on for an item which doesn’t normally get discounted, you might as well buy more than one just to save future costs down the line.

Sign up to a newsletter

When you click onto a website, a message from a retailer may automatically pop up to ask whether you would like to sign up to their newsletter. It’s free to sign up and can provide big rewards, as some may offer discounts from the get-go.

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Shop incognito

Become a mystery online shopper – going incognito online can help you become an online browsing expert. Prices from retailers go up the more you search online, so switch into incognito mode, clear your browsing history and check whether the price has dropped.

Enter social media giveaways

Companies often hold giveaways for their followers, where all you may have to do is like, follow and tag a friend for a chance to win some incredible prizes.

Buy during seasonal sales

It’s always wise to shop during big promotional events to get the best deals available. The lead up the Black Friday, Boxing Day sales and even January discount days do offer some exceptional deals. Make sure to track these before the event days to make they are discounted at a good rate.

Search TikTok for codes

Some TikTok users are actively helping people get offers on their online purchases. If you type in a company name and then ‘discount codes’, you may find a TikToker who has found a 10% discount code to help towards a shopping spree.

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Compare outlet prices

When looking at a specific product, have a look around to see if different sites can offer better deals. Some may have the product at a discounted rate which can help the final payment of an online shop.

Type in ‘Name20’

If you go into the discount box and type in a random name with 20 at the end, such as “Lucy20” you may have stumbled across a 20% discount at the checkout. Many brands work with influencers who hand out these discount codes as part of a collaboration.

Track price drops

To increase the chances of finding a special deal, install a website extension which can help set price drop alerts. It’s a great tool for shoppers who have had their eye on a luxury expense but haven’t got the time to consistently check websites.

For money-saving tips when online shopping, head over to NetVoucherCodes.co.uk site.

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