20 Disney quiz questions and answers for your virtual pub quiz

How well do you know Mickey Mouse and the gang? (Getty Images)How well do you know Mickey Mouse and the gang? (Getty Images)
How well do you know Mickey Mouse and the gang? (Getty Images)

From Snow White to Elsa from Frozen, see how well you and your friends know Disney with our special pub quiz trivia.

The arrival of Disney Plus in the UK couldn’t have come at a better time.

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What better way escape from the reality of lockdown than to reacquaint yourself with your childhood favourite animated characters.

Virtual pub quizzes are also proving popular, with friends swapping a weekly pilgrimage to the pub with a virtual trivia night hosted on Zoom, Google Hangout or House Party.

We’ve tapped into our childhood memories and crafted our very own quiz which you can steal with our permission for your very own quiz night.


1 In The Lion King, what is Simba’s childhood friend and eventual love interest called?

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2 In Aladdin, what kind of big cat does Jasmine have as a pet?

3 In Beauty and the Beast, what is Mrs Potts’ son called?

4 What kind of animals does the Fairy Godmother turn into horses?

5 When she is put into hiding, Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora is given a new name, what is it?

6 Eddie Murphy voices which kind of creature in Mulan?

7 How many thingymabobs does Ariel say she has in the Little Mermaid?

8 In the Jungle Book, what kind of primate is King Louis?

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9 In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, only one of the dwarfs doesn’t have a beard - which one?

10 In Frozen, how many brothers does Prince Hans say he has?

11 Pinnochio is swallowed by what?

12 Who is the villain in Hercules?

13 In Peter Pan, what is Wendy’s surname?

14 Bambi makes friends with a baby skunk - what is her name?

15 Which famous city is the Hunchback of Notre Dame set in?

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16 In Cars, what is the name that Lightning McQueen ends up in?

17 What is the hound called in The Fox and the Hound?

18 In Finding Nemo, what kind of fish is Nemo?

19 In UP, what is Carl’s wife’s name?

20 In Ratatouille, what is the rat’s name?


1 Nala

2 Tiger

3 Chip

4 Mice

5 Briar Rose

6 Dragon

7 20

8 Orangutan

9 Dopey

10 12

11 A whale

12 Hades

13 Darling

14 Flower

15 Paris

16 Radiator Springs

17 Copper

18 A clown fish

19 Ellie

20 Remy