Wide load coming through! House is transported through narrow village

A jammy driver took the term ‘mobile home’ to a new level when transporting a house on the back of a lorry through Water End.

Tuesday, 19th August 2014, 11:30 am
A house was transported through the narrow road of Water End

Reader Jeanne Harding spotted this unusually wide load squeezing its way through the village last week.

She said: “Since the road through Water End was re-designated from a B to an A road some years ago, we have become increasingly concerned about the size of vehicles passing through our small rural community, often at speed.

“However this vehicle took the biscuit by trying to transport what looked like a whole house through the village. Not only did it get dangerously close to the listed buildings that make up this delightful hamlet, but also lost half its guttering in an ancient oak tree as it tried to squeeze past other juggernauts who frequent the route.

“If ever there was a reason to re-grade this road, surely this illustrates the argument or at the very least the need to restrict the size of vehicle using this narrow and ancient road.”

The 30mph stretch of road comes just after a narrow bridge and is flanked by a row of cottages.