Warrior king comes back to Berkhamsted after 950 years away

Willian the ConquerorWillian the Conqueror
Willian the Conqueror
He was the all-conquering warrior king who launched the last successful invasion of England - and on Friday he returns to Berkhamsted.

William The Conqueror - aka William I - was crowned in 1066, following the Battle of Hastings and the English lords’ subsequent submission at the site of Berkhamsted Castle.

A bronze bust of him will be unveiled at the castle on Friday, the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

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Talking to the Gazette last week, sculptor Peter Walker said: “‘I was delighted to be asked to take on such a fascinating project.

“There are no portraits of William other than one from the 17th century, and even the few stone sculptures that exist are generic.

“No one actually knows what he looked like.

“However in researching him there is evidence he was a stocky, very powerfully built man and I have tried to give this sculpture a sense of his potency.”

The unveiling will take place at 11.15. Photos will appear at www.berkhamstedtoday.co.uk

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